Skusta Clee drops zombie-themed music video for new single ‘Karma’ featuring Gloc-9


Skusta Clee has collaborated with Gloc 9 for his latest single and music video release with ‘Karma.’

In the video, Skusta Clee is seen surrounded by a mob of zombies as he starts singing the song.

One of the highlights of the video start when Gloc-9, who is also dressed as a zombie, start to rap.

A woman covered in blood is also spotted being hunted by the zombies who was later on revealed as Filipina actress Bea Alonzo.

Almost a week after its release, the music video has accumulated over 6.5 million views, making it the #1 trending music on YouTube Philippines.

Aside from the two iconic rappers and Alonzo’s stint in the video, it also features cameo from teen celebrity Awra Briguela disguised as one of the zombie dancers.

Watch Skusta Clee’s ‘Karma’ ft. Gloc 9 here:

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