Belle Mariano’s ‘Daylight’ Album: Here’s Everything We Know


The young star’s debut album, ‘daylight,’ arrives this week

Two weeks ago, Belle Mariano announced that she will be releasing her very first album ‘Daylight’ on December 3, Friday. The album is a follow up for the success of her debut single ‘Sigurado’ released in May which became a huge hit, getting over 11 million Spotify streams and 5.6 million YouTube views.

Since the announcement of Belle’s album, her label Star Music has teased details about each track in the album. While we await the upcoming release, we’ve gathered what we know so far about Belle’s ‘Daylight’.

What ‘Daylight’ is all about

In an Instagram post, Belle described ‘Daylight’ as a dream pop alternative feel-good album that exudes bright colors. According to Belle, the main objective of her album is to make the listeners feel in love again.

The songs and the songwriters

The young star has worked with six artists and composers who helped in writing the lyrics of the songs in her album, which are entirely based on personal experiences.

Gab Tagadtad, the man behind ‘Tanging Dahilan’, said that he got inspired to write the song while he was in Canada and in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend where he would expect a “good morning” message from the person he loves.

‘With You’, composed by Angelica “Majarlica” Tagadtad, was created when she was reflecting on her life specifically about love. The track talks about being secured and less worried and having the ability to overcome internal and external struggles in life.

For the feel-good and good vibes track ‘Rainy Days’ written by singer-songwriter Sab, its message is about getting to spend as much time as possible with the person that you love and care about and being present in the moment especially on rainy days.

The fourth track ‘For Your Eyes Only’ is an inspirational song penned by Trisha Denise to give praise to God who sees beyond what a normal person sees in us. He was her ultimate inspiration when she wrote the line to the song that goes “Everything I do, is for Your eyes only. Everywhere I go, is for Your eyes only.”

Singer-songwriter Jayda wrote the fifth track ‘Rise’ that speaks about rising through all the challenges and setbacks and persevering through all the struggles and obstacles in our journey to achieve our goals in life. Belle’s favorite line in the song:

The journey comes with setbacks

Sometimes I wanna quit the show

I’m told that I should step back

But here’s something that they should know, I won’t back down.

Acording to Alexis Tagadtad, composer of ‘Nights of December’, the track speaks about letting go of someone you love to explore different paths in life and to make way for personal growth. “Life circumstances stand in the way of two people being together, such as personal growth or just [taking] different paths in life. It doesn’t mean that love isn’t there anymore, it just means that people need to strengthen and explore their own individuality first and that’s okay. It’s better than forcing what’s not meant to be,” she added.

For the last track ‘Sigurado’ which was initially released as a single in May, Trisha Denise, the woman behind the song, didn’t expect it would become such a huge hit. “Ang dami kong emotions na nararamdaman every time na pinag-uusapan ‘tong ‘Sigurado’ kasi hindi ko inexpect na darating siya sa point na ang dami daming makikinig,” she gratefully said for the overwhelming support from the public the song received.


‘Daylight’ has a total of seven tracks, five English songs and two Filipino songs. Below are the songs included in the album:

  • Tanging Dahilan
  • With You
  • Rainy Days
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • Rise
  • Nights of December
  • Sigurado

With all these details and information, what are your thoughts about Belle Mariano’s upcoming album ‘Daylight’? Don’t forget to share them in the comment section below.

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