New P-pop girl group KAIA releases pre-debut single ‘KAYA’


Heads up! A new P-pop girl group is here.

On December 10, ShowBT’s new P-pop girl group KAIA released a pre-debut single titled ‘KAYA’.

A performance video showcasing the group’s visuals and talent in performing and rapping also premiered along with the worldwide release of the track.

Consisting of Charlotte, Angela, Sophia, Alexa, Charice, and Joanna, the members of the upcoming P-pop girl group participated in writing the lyrics of the track.

The song is composed and produced by Ohwon Lee (RealBros) and Han Seungtaek.

KAIA is ShowBT’s new group since SB19’s debut in 2018 and after signing 4th Impact recently.

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