New P-pop boy group VXON drops empowering debut single ‘The Beast’

VXON is here, Cornerstone Entertainment’s newest boy group!

On January 7, Cornerstone Entertainment dropped the debut single of its newest boy group VXON, the label’s addition to its growing roster of musical performers.

Titled ‘The Beast,’ the group’s debut track sends a message of empowerment, taking up challenges and winning them by being “the beast that you can’t resist.”

In collaboration with Korean music producer Knockloud, the group members C13, Sam and Franz co-wrote the song.

The music video for their debut track ‘The Beast’ is set for release on January 9, at 7PM PHT.

Read as vision, VXON is a five-member boy group consisting of C13 (leader and main rapper), Franz (main vocal), Vince (lead vocals and visuals), Patrick (main dancer), and Sam (lead rapper and lead vocals).

Stream VXON’s ‘The Beast’ here:

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