New girl group R Rules slays with first-ever performance of debut single ‘DNY’

R Rules has released their first-ever performance video in a year-end event and they definitely slayed it!

On January 8, MCA Music’s new girl group R Rules dropped a video of their performance of their debut single ‘DNY’ at Bye 2021.

The four-member newcomer composed of RIYO, RURI, REINA, and RISA impressed with their stable vocals and promising stage presence.

Co-written by Kevin Yadao and Tiny Corpuz, ‘DNY’ which literally means ‘Don’t Need Ya,’ talks about empowerment aiming to “speak out against the standards imposed to women” and “articulate the challenges that they go through towards claiming their space and earning respect.”

R Rules debuted with ‘DNY’ in November 2021. Watch the music video for the track here:

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