Belle Mariano is on the rise in new music video

Belle Mariano has unveiled her new music video for ‘Rise,’ one of the tracks from her debut album ‘Daylight’ released in December 2021.

In the music video produced by YouMeUs MNL, Belle portrays her story of overcoming setbacks and persevering through all the struggles in her journey as an actress.

The music video finishes with a “Best Actress Performance” tag, seen by Belle through an analog television screen, validating her success.

In a previously released promotional clip, singer-songwriter Jayda who wrote the song for Belle explained that the song speaks about rising through all the challenges and persevering through all the obstacles to achieve one’s goals in life.

The release of ‘Rise’ music video is in line with Belle Mariano’s upcoming concert ‘Daylight’ which will stream via KTX on January 29, 2022 at 8PM, Philippine standard time.

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