BGYO’s Gelo poses for a friendly photo with SB19’s Pablo and Ken

On January 28, BGYO’s Gelo shared an impromptu picture with two members of SB19.

Having recently attended the wedding of dancer-choreographer Tank Bautista and Gelo’s sister Patricia Garcia, the BGYO member posed for a friendly photo with Pablo and Ken of SB19.

The rare picture revealed the three looking sharp and posing fiercely in matching white outfits.

Photo via Gelo Garcia’s Instagram

In a social media post, Tank thanked the three for attending their wedding.

Tank has worked with SB19 for the choreography of ‘What?’ while Patricia has performed as a dancer in ‘Our Zone’ concert of SB19.

Check out more photos of the three below:

Photo via Tet Garcia’s Instagram
Photo via Tet Garcia’s Instagram
Photo via Tank Bautista on Twitter

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