Zack Tabudlo and Moira Dela Torre team up for heartbreak song ‘Iba’

Zack Tabudlo and Moira dela Torre have come together for the first time for an exciting collaboration!

Two of the country’s streaming giants, Zack Tabudlo and Moira Dela Torre, released a heartbreak song just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Entitled ‘Iba,’ Zack admits that he wrote the song for those experiencing heartbreak for loving someone that they thought they are destined to be with, but ends up realizing that the other party no longer feels the same way.

In a Facebook live prior to the release of the track, Zack Tabudlo expressed his gratitude to Moira for collaborating with him.

In return, Moira praised Zack Tabudlo’s artistry saying, “I just wanna take this time to honor this guy because he [Zack] is legit so talented.”

Listen to ‘Iba’ by Zack Tabudlo and Moira dela Torre here:

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