WATCH: VXON’s C13 wows in freestyle dance with BGYO’s ‘When I’m With You’

Over a month after their debut, members of VXON are already gifting fans with fresh content.

On February 13, VXON’s C13 came out with a freestyle video uploaded on his YouTube channel, C13thlab.

In the video, C13 showcased his amazing moves and flow through a freestyle dance video to the tune of BGYO’s ‘When I’m With You.’

C13 debuted as the leader and main rapper of rookie P-pop boy group VXON, along with fellow members Franz, Vince, Patrick, and Sam. They released their debut single ‘The Beast’ last month which has already reached over a million views on YouTube.

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VXON, Cornerstone’s first P-pop groip, performed their debut single ‘The Beast’ for the first time at the 7th Wish Music Awards.

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