MNL48 releases mysterious comeback teaser

MNL48 dropped a mysterious teaser photo on February 21, telling fans to be ready for a comeback soon.

Although details have yet to be announced, the teaser seems to refer to the return of the group with new music, which appears to be handled by ABS-CBN’s TV Production Digital Group.

Formed in 2018, MNL48 is an all-girl Filipino sing-and-dance group with 48 members. The group is the Filipino version of J-pop phenomenon, AKB48.

The last release of the girl group was in 2020 with their first-ever original song ‘Hash Love.’

Meanwhile, MNL48’s sub-unit ‘BABY BLUE’ which debuted with ‘Sweet Talking Sugar’ in September 2020 released their third single ‘HEAD UP’ last year.

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