P-pop sibling groups BINI and BGYO grace covers of Dubai-based ‘XPEDITION Magazine’

Images: @xpeditionmagazine / Instagram

On February 22, Dubai-based ‘XPEDITION Magazine’ unveiled its newest covers featuring fast-rising P-pop sibling groups, BINI and BGYO.

In the pictures released from their photoshoots, BGYO shows off impressive visuals in their off-white suits for the theme “The Raging Storm.” BINI, on the other hand, poses fiercely in red and black pieces for their “The Burgeoning Grace” concept.

The photos of the P-pop groups were launched through Metaverse, a virtual open space facilitated by the use of augmented reality. According to the publishers, BINI and BGYO are the first Filipino acts to have magazine covers in the metaverse.

The virtual gallery is accessible until February 24 and fans can order a physical copy of the magazine through the website of XPEDITION.

Check out the photos and videos of BINI and BGYO from their shoots here.

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