Careless Music teases collab of James Reid with K-pop star Jay B and Taiwanese rapper ØZI

Images:, @james, @ozifp / Instagram

On February 25, Careless Music posted a recording of a Zoom video call between Filipino singer-songwriter James Reid, K-pop star Jay B, and Taiwanese rapper ØZI, teasing a collaboration of the three Asian acts.

In the short clip, the three artists greet each other while James’ 2021 track ‘Hello’ plays in the background, with the text ‘Hello 2.0 Legends Only’ appearing at the end of the video.

The collaboration track appears to be a remix version of James Reid’s ‘Hello’ featuring Jay B and ØZI, which might be unveiled on March 11.

Previously, James revealed through his recorded acceptance speech at the 7th Wish Music Awards that he would be singing ‘Hello’ soon with some of his new friends.

Meanwhile, although he made no announcement, James reportedly departed the Philippines last week in an apparent move to pursue a career in Los Angeles, California.

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