WATCH: ALAMAT gifts fans with two versions of ‘ABKD’ dance practice

ALAMAT has shared exciting content for their latest track!

Image: ALAMAT / YouTube

The official dance practice video for ‘ABKD’ premiered on ALAMAT’s YouTube channel on March 9.

The three-minute clip offers a full view of the dance moves of the seven-member boy group with the choreography for the song created by Jim Amen.

Apart from the usual dance practice video, ALAMAT also shared a fun clip of them dancing to the song in a classroom setup while wearing school uniforms.

The new content is in line with the group’s promotion for their latest single ‘ABKD’ which was released last month.

The music video for the pop track follows the journey of a young aeta in defying discrimination, highlighting representation of the indigenous group.

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In other news, ALAMAT is set to headline the first-ever PPOP Convention happening on April 9 to 10.

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