WATCH: SB19 plays basketball with Mimiyuuuh in new ‘School Buddies’ episode

Mimiyuuuh is the newest guest on SB19’s collaboration series, ‘School Buddies’

Images: @SB19Official / Twitter; SB19 / YouTube

The third episode of ‘School Buddies’ entitled “performance Task” premiered on March 12 on SB19’s official YouTube channel.

In the new episode of the collaboration series, vlogger and online personality Mimiyuuuh joins the P-pop boy in playing basketball prior to doing a special output where they have to design a T-shirt for their performance task.

The episode concludes with a fashion runway featuring Pablo, Ken, Stell, Josh, Justin and Mimiyuuuh modeling for their designs and explaining the outputs they created.

Watch the third episode of ‘School Buddies’ here:

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