1st.One, YARA, VER5US, and Calista appear on Eat Bulaga’s ‘Bawal Judgmental’ segment

Image: kheenesalas_ / Instagram

On March 19, Filipino pop groups 1st.One, YARA, VER5US, and Calista appeared as guests in the ‘Bawal Judgmental’ segment of noontime variety show Eat Bulaga.

Ace of 1st.One, Gelou of YARA, Gab of VER5US, and Olive of CALISTA joined as choices for the segment where the episode player has to choose between them as options for a corresponding question related to the profile of the each of the P-pop members.

They were also given an opportunity to introduce their respective groups and showcase a performance for the viewers.

Watch the full episode here:

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