LOOK: Members of SB19, BGYO, BINI, and KAIA gather for an intimate dinner celebration

Images: @JonathanManalo / Twitter; @KAIA_Members / Twitter

Members of P-pop idol groups SB19, BGYO, BINI, and upcoming girl group KAIA gathered for an intimate dinner celebration on March 19 evening.

The celebration happened after the successful live performance of SB19 and BINI on Pinoy Big Brother and BGYO’s appearance on Saludo Excellence Awards for a performance and to receive an award.

Meanwhile, some members of KAIA also attended the celebration which later on became a rare P-pop interaction between the four groups from the two big agencies.

“It’s so lovely to see another ppop girl group in person yay,” wrote BINI’s Aiah in a tweet.

KAIA’s Charlotte reposted the tweet with the caption, “Nice meeting you po.”

Check out some of the photos and videos posted by the members of the P-pop groups below:

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