VIVA, Ninuno Media confirm Gami’s departure from ALAMAT


Image: ALAMAT / Facebook

Following Gami’s announcement of him leaving ALAMAT, VIVA and Ninuno Media have released an official statement to confirm the news.

The agencies wrote, “It is with sadness that we announce the departure of Gami from ALAMAT due to personal reasons and matters related to his physical and mental health.”

“He has decided to go home to Bohol to heal and recover,” VIVA and Ninuno Media continued.

Meanwhile, Gami’s father, Martin Gambuta, shared on Tiktok a short clip of him hugging his son with the caption, “I love you, Gami.”

Earlier this week, Gami emotionally announced his departure from ALAMAT through an Instagram live, citing personal matters and mental health as his reasons for leaving the group.

Read the agencies’ joint statement below:

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