KAIA drops concept teasers in preparation for their debut with ‘BLAH BLAH’

KAIA’s debut is nearing as they release more teasers to hype it up!

Images: @KAIAOfficial / Twitter

ShowBT Philippines has continued to tease the upcoming debut of its first-produced Filipino girl group ‘KAIA,’ with a set of individual teaser photos for their single ‘BLAH BLAH.’

In the images released from April 1 to April 5, the girls captivate with their unique charm and appeal, slaying the girl power concept of their debut.

Along with the concept photos, the upcoming girl group also released short individual videos featuring the members, matched with a short audio of what seems to be the song’s highlight.

Watch the individual concept teaser videos of KAIA’s members below:

Previously, a concept trailer entitled ‘ANINO’ was released which tackles the struggles women face in the society which could possibly be a hint to what their upcoming song will be about. 

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Initially introduced as a six-member P-pop girl group through their pre-debut track ‘KAYA’ released last year, KAIA’s final line-up is now composed of Charlotte, Charice, Sophia, Alexa, and Angela. The girl group was trained by SB19’s management, ShowBT Philippines.

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