FELIP makes a powerful return with ‘Bulan’

Image: FELIP / Facebook

After marking his solo debut with ‘Palayo’ and successfully launching his own streetwear brand last year, FELIP makes his powerful return with the release of his second single ‘Bulan’ on May 28.

Described as an experimental and aggressive song with influences from hip-hop, rap, and rock music with a mix of ethnic elements, ‘Bulan’ is FELIP’s anthem for the haters who try to pull anyone down. “When one gets ahead of other people in whatever aspect of life they deem important, some react negatively with their thoughts, words, and actions,” his blog post description says.

Written by FELIP himself with beats co-produced by Joshua Daniel Nase, the track was made even distinct with his co-member in SB19, Stell Ajero, lending his voice in the intro chant of the song, adding an ethnic feel to the track.

In the music video, FELIP portrays the Bicolano deity Bulan, also known as the primordial moon god, paying homage to the ancient Filipino lore. Shot mostly in Ilocos Norte, it also depicts ancient figures such as Haliya, the masked goddess of the moonlight, and the serpent-like dragon Bakunawa.  

Stream FELIP’s second single ‘Bulan’ below:

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