WATCH: FELIP spotlights Filipino pride in performance of ‘Bulan’ for GRAMMYs’ Global Spin


FELIP becomes the first full-blooded Filipino act to be featured in the digital performance series!

Image: GRAMMYs / YouTube

The Grammys released on Wednesday, July 6, the latest episode of its digital series ‘Global Spin,’ featuring Filipino singer and rapper FELIP, also known as Ken of P-pop super group SB19.

The performance video, shot at the Teatrillo in Intramuros, Manila, highlights his sultry low tone along with his dramatic yet powerful dancing abilities, matching the track’s ethnic feels.

Written by FELIP himself, ‘Bulan’ is his anthem for the haters who try to pull anyone down. Through this newest single, he pays homage to the Filipino lore by portraying the primordial moon god Bulan and by using ancient figures such as Haliya, the masked goddess of the moonlight, and the serpent-like dragon Bakunawa, to narrate his story.  

Launched in September 2021, Global Spin aims to spotlight artists from around the world by featuring a performance from them to celebrate their artistry and their home countries.

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