SB19’s Josh features in remix version of Ocho the Bullet and Carrot Mayor’s ‘Sofa’

SB19’s Josh has surprised his fans with a remix version of a track originally released by his cousins!

Image: JoshCullen / Facebook

SB19 member Josh participated in the remix version of ‘Sofa,’ an independently-produced single by his cousins, Ocho the Bullet and Carrot Mayor.

According to his response to a fan’s question on Twitter, he wrote his parts in the song and even added a different flow for it to be unpredictable.

Shortly after its digital release, the remix version of ‘Sofa’ topped the iTunes Philippines chart.

Source: iTunes Store

In a separate series of tweets, the rapper thanked his fans for the support and acknowledged his cousins as his first collaborators.

“I did my first collab with my cousins because I wanted to share my success with them,” he said.

Josh also confirmed that he is preparing for his solo project, saying that it might take time but he plans to just surprise his fans once it drops.

Previously, he was rumored to be working on his solo project when he initially introduced his cousins who will be his “personal producer.”

Stream the remix version of ‘Sofa’ below:

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