Calista releases second single ‘Don’t Have Time’


On October 21, rookie girl group Calista released their second ‘Don’t Have Time,’ a follow-up to their debut track ‘Race Car.’

Written and arranged by Tera and Marcus Davis, the song has an upbeat 80s vibe which seamlessly blends with modern beats and noteworthy belts. In the track, the five-member girl group sends a message to the boys that letting the boys know that they “Don’t Have Time” to fall for their tricks, a true boss girl attitude when it comes to relationships.

‘Don’t Have Time’ is another discotheque-worthy single, showcasing the girls’ vocal ability with lush vocal arrangements and fierce leads and it effortlessly competes with world-class songs and will surely leave you with last song syndrome.

Calista is managed by Tyronne Escalante Artist Management and produced by Merlion Events Production Inc. Stream Calista’s ‘Don’t Have Time’ on all digital streaming platforms.

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