MNL48 flies to Indonesia to perform at ‘TikTok For You Stage’


Image: @mnl48official / Twitter

MNL48 went to Indonesia to perform at ‘Tiktok For You Stage’ in Jakarta, happening this October 29.

The participating members include Abby, Amy, Cole, Coleen, Dana, Dian, Ella, Jamie, Jem, Klaryle, Lara, Mari, Miho, Rianna, Sheki, and Yzabel, as seen in a recent social media post of the group upon their arrival in the country.

They will perform alongside their Jakarta counterpart JKT48, Indonesian boyband UN1TY, and South Korean icon PSY, among others.

Earlier this month, the all-female Filipino idol group held a two-day handshake event where their fans had the chance to meet and interact with them up close.

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