WATCH: G22’s Bianca flawlessly recovers from on-stage mishap during her group’s performance at POPSTIVAL 2022


Screencaps from @kmusify's video

Most of the idols are trained to deliver and perform their choreographies perfectly. But in some cases, especially during live performances, mistakes and accidents are inevitable, just like what happened to G22 during their set in a recent music festival.

G22 was the opening act during the POPSTIVAL 2022 held at SMDC Festival Grounds in Parañaque City on October 21. Despite the slippery stage brought by the heavy rainfall, the rookie girl group managed to impress the festival crowd with their stage presence and charisma. However, an unexpected on-stage mishap happened in the middle of their performance.

While the group was performing their debut single ‘Bang!’, Bianca, the main dancer of the group, accidentally tripped while carrying out her iconic 360° kick as seen in the clip posted by kmusify below. But the main dancer was quick to recover and bounced back with an impromptu split as if nothing had happened.

The netizens who were able to watch that moment was quick to praise Bianca and her group for their professionalism. Twitter user @Purple161819 wrote, “I hope you’re okay, But that was fire! That split after the half split in the air to recover from outbalance, you’re so [fire].”

In a social media post, Bianca thanked their supporters for the love they received despite what happened.

G22 is a P-Pop girl group under CS Entertainment composed of four young individuals namely AJ (Leader/Main Rapper), Jaz (Main Vocal), Bianca (Main Dancer/Sub-rapper), and Alfea (Visual/Lead Vocal).

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