Here’s everything that went down at ALAMAT’s ‘Pasulong’ mini album showcase

Introduced in 2020, the six-member rising PPOP group ALAMAT launched its first mini album titled ‘Pasulong’ on October 27, at Tektite Towers Auditorium in Pasig City. Joined by magiliws – their affectionate fandom – ALAMAT revealed their 6-track album and showcased new 4 songs together with the pre-released singles “Ily Ily” and “Say U Love Me”.

Taneo, Mo, Tomas, R-Ji, Alas, and Jao opened the night with the title track, “Aswang”, which is an umbrella term pertaining to the evil creatures of Philippine folklore. Produced by Swedish musicians, the song was adjusted to the Filipino palate with its very Pinoy theme and lyrics by Jason Paul Laxamana.

“Maharani” or the ‘great queen’ is an R&B love song by Thyro Alfaro showcasing the members’ sweet vocals and expressing their desire by calling their lover ‘maharani’. 

Flaunting their individual skills, Mo, Taneo, and Alas took part in the making of the song “Gayuma”. Though it wasn’t performed, Taneo and Jao also were given the opportunity to choreograph this funky dance club track – which also leaves another expectation for all magiliws as Taneo dropped a hint about the choreography.

Ending the album with another new and original song, “Hala”, is a fiesta energy-filled dance pop spiced with all of the members and Jason Paul Laxamana’s joint effort. As a common Filipino expression, the song sends a message of continuing forward despite hardships and naysayers.

A sense of fulfillment embraced the sextuplet with the release of their first mini-album since their debut in 2021. All of their hard work and sacrifices were all worth it. Tomas couldn’t help but give a shoutout to their ever-loyal Magiliws as well.

Delving into the creative process of the album, members Mo and Alas who dreams of becoming a professional producer put value into their teamwork and everyone’s opinion with Mo saying, “Kumbaga yung utak, hindi lang iisa”.

When asked about what genre will the group try next, ALAMAT refuses to limit themselves to only one – Mo wants to try dancehall, R-ji asked his members if they can do a fusion of R&B and rock, Jao mentioned modern contemporary, and Tomas stepped in with, “Yung ALAMAT naman mahilig mag-combine ng different genre of songs, mag-experiment.” Direk Laxamana supported it saying, “Kasi ang genre natin ay ALAMAT”. Mo expressed more of their dreams, “Balang araw, yung ALAMAT, wala, genre na din” receiving the sound of approvals from magiliws.

Mo also shared his experiences as one of the leads in the making of “Gayuma”. From the beat, guiding his members throughout the recording, and mixing the track with young producer Cursebox, he can only say “grabe yung experience na yon!” and he feels fulfilled. Admittedly still in the learning process, Alas said they are ready to produce for other artists as well, “Hands-on lang talaga tayo sa crafts natin kasi hindi tayo basta-basta maglalabas ng hindi maganda. Dapat panindigan natin, ‘di ba?”

The meaning of the album name, “Pasulong” or “move forward” in English, was prompted by Direk Laxamana. Mo shared that his mother raised him to move forward in life no matter what happens. Tomas, overflowing with humor, cited that he doesn’t let the past stick with him for long, “Sobrang positive ako mag-isip. Pag nangyari na, nangyari na. Susugod pa din tayo sa buhay”. Adversely, the solo child R-Ji got emotional recalling a conversation he had with a young junk collector. The young girl asked him if he has any siblings, but as he said none, the girl didn’t believe him, “Meron oh, ayun sila (the members)”. To pick the mood back up, Jao lightly said, “Pasulong is moving on from the hardships and to keep on improving yourself. Pasulong lang, you need to slay”.

“Yung music na ginawa naming nung unang nilabas kami sa tao, very risky siya” states Mo. “Di namin alam kung tatanggapin siya ng tao o hindi. At ngayon umabot na tayo dito (album showcase), malayo pa pero madami na din ang nagmamahal sa amin”, giving another shout out to their Magiliws. “Sobrang masarap sa puso. Salamat sa pagtanggap. Pangakong hinding-hindi namin kayo bibiguin kada labas namin ng music and crafts – para sa inyo lahat ito”.

With Mo’s words ending the night, ALAMAT successfully celebrated their first mini-album’s release with some of their family members, friends, and lucky fans, along with the press, media personalities, and social media influencers.

The title track “Aswang”, from their “Pasulong” mini-album, and the 5 other tracks are now available on all digital streaming platforms. A physical album can be pre-ordered through the Google form link shared on their social media accounts for only Php 1,500.00.

Check out more photos from ALAMAT’s ‘Pasulong’ mini album showcase below:





ALAMAT’s Taneo

ALAMAT’s Tomas

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