EXCLUSIVE: YGIG got us caught under a spell through ‘SHABA SHABA’

Following the success of SB19, the current biggest P-pop boy group, SBTown finally unveiled its first girl group, November 24, at 55 Events Place in Quezon City.

Amidst the pandemic, the 7-member girl group went on rigorous training under the supervision of Ms. Adie Hong who’s popularly known as “Hongganda”. And after four long years as trainees, members Alexei, Maeg, JM, Vien, Darlene, Hazelyn, and Jewel, greeted the media officially as YGIG with great energy. The President and CEO of SBTown, Mr. Geong Seong Han, a.k.a “Tatang Robin”, introduced his new set of artists and their debut single, ‘SHABA SHABA,’ a word play on the Filipino phrase “Siya ba?”

YGIG, an acronym for “You Go, I Go”, was inspired by the movie Backdraft with the meaning “no matter what happens, do not give up, let’s go together”. This is the message that YGIG wants to relay to everyone, fan or not. It also reflects the passion and synergy of the group as they are now about to pave their way into the global scene much like their seniors, MNL48, KAIA, and BINI.

As it is the rule in SBTown, the members are trained in all aspects of performance equally. May it be singing, dancing, or rapping, all of them can do it perfectly, thus, no specific “official position” had been assigned to the ladies. YGIG seamlessly performed “Shaba Shaba” in public for the first time, which is the result of their 2,000 times of practice – yes, you read it right! They practiced the song and choreography 2,000 times to make no room for mistakes.

And to learn more about YGIG, P-pop Wave had a sit-in interview with the freshly-debuted girl group in a more relaxed way.

Having one goal and mindset, the girls withstood each difficulty together, and are planning to stay together for as long as they can. They’re just as equally thrilled about what’s coming next. Tatang Robin hinted at their 2023 plans – new songs, a free nationwide concert tour, and school guestings. Who would want to miss that out? Definitely not P-pop Wave!

SHABA SHABA is out now on all digital streaming platforms. Don’t miss out on YGIG and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube.

Check out more exclusive photos from the media conference below:

YGIG’s Alexei

YGIG’s Maeg

YGIG’s Jewel

YGIG’s Hazelyn


YGIG’s Darlene

YGIG’s Vien

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