An aftermath of a heart-rending separation track from Press Hit Play’s “Wala Na Ba?”


P‑Pop boy group sensation Press Hit Play recently released their much anticipated single, Wala na Ba?

The song was released to multiple streaming platforms on March 17th after extensive promotion by the group on their social media accounts. Before release, the group shared snippets of the song along with its promotional artwork on their Instagram page and TikTok platforms, with the song’s release date explicitly plastered in front.

The group paired the single’s release with a lyric video on Youtube, along with similar releases to Spotify and Apple Music. A link featured in the lyric video also allows fans to redirect themselves to the multiple streaming platforms on that the song was released.

The single cover is a visually-appealing artwork featuring a lone figure staring into an open window, into the nothingness of the twilight. The cover itself signifies the painful themes of the song. According to the group itself, the hip-hop, pop, R&B, and trap fusion explicitly details the aftermath of a painful separation and the inability of the person to accept that the relationship is over. The track’s painful message is heralded by its passionate lyrics and emotional vocals, all of which reflect the track’s desire to instill sorrow into the hearts of its listeners.

The song showcases the talent of the 4‑group ensemble, a P‑Pop sensation known for their cruel love songs that capitalized on failed relationships. “Wala na Ba?” just showcases that the group, although already notorious for making hearts bleed, can be more vicious in situating their fans on emotional rollercoasters through their songs.

Listen to Press Hit Play’s brand new song, Wala na Ba? on YouTube below:

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