Calista releases a new track “Ugnayan” — The Story of Connection


The rising P‑Pop girl group Calista recently dropped their comeback single, Ugnayan!

The song features the main elements of a Filipino pop song; heavy reliance on bass, piano, and guitars. However, what differentiates the song from most P‑Pop songs is the incorporation of hip-hop, featuring a rap solo at the near end of the song. Ugnayan eloquently expresses a feeling of connection formed through telephone calls and chats through their utilization of a catchy chorus that would seep into the deepest crevices of your subconscious. This connection, heavily insinuated to be formed through online interactions, is explicitly stated by the group to persist even if there is a “connection error”

The group had extensively teased the song in their official social media accounts, particularly on Instagram where multiple promotional posts, specifically images of each member in a collage-like spread of their faces in multiple images. Multiple snippets of the song were also released by the group on Instagram and TikTok. All of these promotional materials bear the song’s anticipated release date, March 17, and a pre-order link for interested fans.

Upon release, the song was accompanied by a dance performance of the P‑Pop group for World of Dance, where each member danced to and sang the song live for an eager audience. The dance performance serves as the music video of the song, which upon its first day of release, had already garnered almost 700 views on Youtube.

The song marks the group’s first release since the release of their Christmas song, Christmas in the Philippines, last December.

The group expressed gratitude to their fans for their continuous support, watch the group’s World of Dance performance of Ugnayan below:

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