Fangs out for Josh Cullen’s first fan meet


From the series of hints dropped since February for ‘Wild Tonight’ and his solo debut, until the latest single ‘Pakiusap Lang’ released just this March 21st, Josh Cullen really cannot be stopped as he stepped out of the shadow.

Embodying the moniker fans gave him, Josh Cullen debuted with ‘Wild Tonight’ as he awakens and becomes the vampire fans liken him to various times. As the King of the Night, he started off meeting A’TIN and his BBQs from afar, at night, before coming back home. Announced last April 19, Josh’s first ‘FANG’ meeting was held at Venice Piazza.

Fans did not hold back as they arrived at the venue as early as they could to grab a slot for the limited seats to see the man up close. At exactly 5 in the afternoon, the show was opened by the breakthrough young Filipino rapper Young Cocoa with his hit song ‘Manila’ followed by another one titled ‘JTOWN’, a song dedicated to the place he was raised in, Jakarta. Fans bopped along and hyped up as the soloist shared his craft.

KAIA, the well-known 5-member girl group close to SB19 and Josh himself like a sister, welcomed the stage with their latest song about women empowerment, ‘5678’. The lowkey confession ‘Tayong Dalawa’ was then sung by the quintet as they showed off their vocal skills. Rebooting the energy back up, KAIA performed their latest release ‘Turn Up’ flaunting their synchronized dancing skills with endless charms and impressive vocal prowess.

Finally, the man of the hour showed up and surprised everyone with an unreleased song, ‘Get Right’. BBQs really know how to enjoy the heat as they partied with JC despite the song being a shock. Who wouldn’t? He threw printed bills with his face on them! Recovering from the fun, he performed his first solo track entitled “Sofa” with Ocho the Bullet and KAIA’s Angela. A’TIN were also given a chance to play different interactive games with their “ssob”. Lucky fans were able to send him heartfelt messages and hug him.

Here comes another core moment, when a special VCR made by A’TIN was played, followed by messages of his mother and sister who were also there, which touched the hearts of everyone. After that, he performed his latest track “Pakiusap Lang” for the first time. Despite the song being released only a day before, the crowd were able to sing together when asked by JC himself.

As it gets darker after the sun had set, Josh realized just how warm it was. And what better way to cool off other than removing a piece of clothing, right? For a minute, fans went manic when the man casually removed his inner piece on stage. A’TIN went wilder as he ended the night with his performance of “Wild Tonight”.

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