G22 drops another women-empowerment single which you are going to love like a Boomerang


One of the rising superstars in P‑Pop, G22, recently released their latest single, Boomerang, on March 14th!

The single, a catchy anthem about a man who comes back for love every time, is accurately reminiscent of KPop, featuring predominantly English language over a highly-enticing Tagalog chorus. It also employs synth and trap instrumentation that is heavily derived from the formula for KPop songs — watch out, KPop lovers! You might just love G22’s new single!

The song was released with an attractive music video featuring a satisfying gradient color scheme paired with flashy choreography, a mixture that is much more alluring when matched with the fierce vocals of the 4‑member group. The music video also screams feminine empowerment; who wouldn’t want to see women in control?

Before release, the single was promoted on most of the group’s social media platforms, sharing creative posters, the artwork of the single, and snippets while revealing its release on March 14th.

The single succeeds the girl group’s highly successful single BANG as the latest addition to the group’s discography. Reception towards the song has been great among fans, with the music video accumulating more than 600,000 views on Youtube and the song garnering 130,000 streams on Spotify.

The numbers for the new single indeed sounds promising, cementing G22 as one of the leading girl groups in the P‑Pop scene. Those who want KPop and Filipino infused together, look no further! G22 is here to deliver!

Watch the girl group’s music video for Boomerang now:

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