Josh Cullen — Wild Tonight: A Revisit to the Wild and Living


SB19’s Josh Cullen had recently dropped his latest addition to the hip hop scene! The lead artist of the boy group, in his first solo song as an artist, had recently released Wild Tonight, a supernatural-inspired rap track about a recently-awoken vampire who is craving for human contact…and hardcore partying?

The single was released alongside a music video, an enticing and interesting awaken of thr vampire inside the star. Here, Josh plays a vampire who awakens from his coffin and partakes in several parties, all while singing about being wild and alive. Honest to its source material, the music video encapsulates the supernatural elements of the song itself, all whole symbolizing a brand new era in Josh’s career; his awakening and revival. Artistical influence is obviously rooted in the urban culture and lore of vampires and werewolves.

Prior to release, the song was teased by Josh in his social media handles, releasing several enigmatic posters before revealing the single itself on February 20, also exposing the single’s release date that is merely four days later. He also teased the music video, providing hints on both the song and video’s supernatural elements. The song did well, especially for Josh as an artist who had recently embarked on a solo career with his first solo single. Just three weeks after release, the song’s music video had already garnered almost a million views on Youtube and a million streams in Spotify, talk about a break-out single!

Watch the music video now here:

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