The Global Pop Group from the Philippines is just a grasp away on the HORI7ON!


The brand new Global Pop boy group was created during a reality-survival show by ABS-CBN known as Dream Maker. The show consisted of 62 idol candidates, all of whom worked through various tasks and elimination rounds to secure their own victories. In the end, the final seven candidates emerged as brand new members of the Global Pop boy group HORI7ON, another highly anticipated addition to the country’s current PPOP industry.

They released a single entitled “DASH” last March to promote the group’s upcoming debut. The single was released a month after the group’s creation when the final 7 participants were determined. The single would prove successful, with the accompanying music video accumulating 2.8 million views in 2 months and garnering positive responses among critics and netizens on online social media platforms. The group would then release another pre-debut single entitled “Salamat,” or the Filipino word for “Thank you,” as their second pre-debut single and the song “Lovey-Dovey” as their third pre-debut single. Both singles received significant success, garnering millions of views for their released music videos.

To give the group public exposure and promotion, HORI7ON’s label, MLD Entertainment, embarked on a nationwide mall tour, visiting numerous malls to perform and expose the group to the general public. A meet and greet show was also held in New Frontier Theatre last April 22 to give HORI7ON a chance to interact with their fans directly. Fortunately for the boy group, they had earned the adoration of many young Filipino fans, with their announced fandom name “ANCHOR” – symbolizing the fans’ loyalty and the group’s connection with their beloved fans.

The group is also set to debut in South Korea in June, much to the anticipation of their local and international fans. According to a statement by MLD Entertainment CEO Lee Hyung-Jin, the group would include the release of their debut album in South Korea. More details also reveal a plan to create a reality television show centered around the group’s behind-the-scenes activities, mimicking several reality shows of other idol groups, such as “Run BTS” by the global phenomenon BTS.

All of us Anchors are indeed very excited about the group’s debut in June! Go HORI7ON!

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