VER5US makes waves with new single ‘Alon’ — a refreshing track for summer


VER5US has just released their newest single “Alon” on May 14, 2023. The group, consisting of five members, namely Joe, Josh, Kheene, Gab, and Ken made their pre-debut in 2021, and has been growing and gaining attention in the Philippine pop music industry.

The boy group VER5US utilizes the summer heat to create a hot and viby song about going with the flow and dancing without care for what others think of you, a bright and clever metaphor for the unbotheredness of the waves on the beach. The song empowers everyone to be nonchalant and have fun in the sun without minding what others might think. The song reflects a lighthearted anthem that friends could blast on speakers on a road trip or at the beach; the vibes are just immaculate summer perfection!

To emphasize the song’s “song of the summer” reputation, the group released an accompanying music video where each member takes turns having fun dancing and prancing around in the sand. Opening the scene with a car ride to the beach would be interjected throughout the video as a symbol of how replayable the song is on a car ride with friends! After arriving on the beach, the group embraces the heat when they engage in summer activities such as swimming, participating in beach volleyball, and dancing in the sand before ending the music video with the group returning home after a well-spent day on the beach!

What a vibe! The group’s single’s only sin is that they released it right when summer was about to end. Where was the single when all of us were struggling with the summer heat? We could have just danced it all away if they had released it earlier! Jokes aside though, if you want a song reminiscent of summer and a song to vibe to in general, trust me and go stream VER5US new single ‘Alon’ now!


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