Thai BL’s Jeff Satur and Barcode Tinnasit join 1ST. ONE’s Ace, Alpha, and Jayson for a surprise TikTok collaboration


In a surprise turn of events, the world of Thai BL and P-POP collided, creating a buzz among fans on social media. The members of the P-POP group 1ST. ONE, namely Ace, Alpha, and Jayson Lee, teamed up with Thai BL superstars Jeff Satur and Barcode Tinnasit for a series of surprise TikTok videos. The collaborations, featuring dance moves, soulful singing, and fun challenges, have left fans eagerly anticipating more.

A charming performance by Jeff Satur set to the well-known song “Dumdum” was the first video that caught everyone’s attention. The fusion of the charismatic members of 1ST. ONE with the undeniable star power of Jeff Satur and Barcode Tinnasit created a perfect blend of talent and chemistry. Fans from both the Philippines and Thailand were overjoyed to see their beloved artists come together and showcase their skills in such a unique and enjoyable way.

@1stoneofficial DumDum w/ Jeff Satur and Barcode 🤟🏻 #dumdumgangchallenge #jeffsatur #barcodetin #1stOne #WujuBakery #wujureporter ♬ Dum Dum – Jeff Satur

The second video featured 1ST. ONE leader Ace showcasing his vocal skills with a heartfelt rendition of “Fade” by Jeff Satur. As the video progressed, to the delight of fans, Jeff Satur made a surprise appearance, joining Ace. The collaboration showcased both artists’ musical talents and highlighted the friendship and mutual respect they shared.

@1stoneofc_ace FADE with @jeffsatur such an amazing person 🙏 #ลืมไปแล้วว่าลืมยังไง #fade #jeffsatur #fadejeffsatur #1stone #1stone_ace #1stoneace #wujubakery #wujureporter ♬ original sound – FirstOne Ace

Barcode Tinnasit took on the “Problem Child” challenge alongside 1ST. ONE members Alpha and Ace while having lunch in the third video. The trio displayed their playful and energetic sides as they flawlessly executed the hand dance moves, capturing the hearts of fans across borders. This video further solidified the bond between the artists and provided a delightful glimpse into their off-screen chemistry.

@1stoneofficial Problem Child over lunch w/ @Barcode and @려니 Wuju Bakery Team. #wujubakery #wujureporter #barcodetin #beoncloud #ProblemChild #1stone ♬ Problem Child – 1st.One

The videos, posted on the official TikTok page of 1ST. ONE, have sparked a wave of excitement among fans, mainly Filipino and Thai BL enthusiasts. The collaboration between these prominent figures not only signifies the growing global reach of Asian entertainment but also showcases the power of unity and cross-cultural connections.

Interestingly, all the artists involved in these collaborations are in Korea, busy filming “WUJU BAKERY,” a highly anticipated Thai-Korean BL series.

As the TikTok videos continue to circulate and gain traction, it is clear that the collaboration between 1STONE’s Ace, Alpha, and Jayson, alongside BL superstars Jeff Satur and Barcode Tinnasit, is a momentous occasion for both Filipino and Thai fans. The fusion of music, dance, and sheer talent has created a harmonious blend that transcends language and cultural barriers.

With their upcoming BL series and the promise of future collaborations, this remarkable group of artists is poised to make an even more significant impact on the global entertainment scene, solidifying their place as icons in Asian entertainment.

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