Fans’ concern prompts Merlion Entertainment to modify album cover for ECLIPSE’s forthcoming single


In response to the concerns expressed by some fans, Merlion Entertainment made adjustments to the album cover for the upcoming single, ‘YAN ANG PINOY’ by ECLIPSE.

This decision was prompted by the release of a promotional photo by the management label on Monday, which featured only five out of the seven original members of the upcoming group.

Upon observing the initial photo, fans quickly noticed the absence of Lex and Gilly, prompting them to take to social media and voice their concerns.

Although no official statement was issued, Merlion Entertainment addressed the fans’ concerns by editing the promotional photo and subsequently reuploading it, now featuring all seven members of the group.

One fan expressed, “It is truly worth fighting for the inclusion of all seven original members.”

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ECLIPSE is an up-and-coming P-pop boy group with members Dean, Clyde, Gab, Rave, Lex, Gilly, and Joshuel. The group is set to release a single titled ‘YAN ANG PINOY’ on June 23. Pre-save it here:

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