Ben&Ben signals new era in groundbreaking single ‘Could Be Something’; reveals plans for local and international tour


Following their successful homecoming concert which attracted over 60,000 fans, the talented nine-piece Filipino band, Ben&Ben, ushers in a new era with their groundbreaking single, ‘Could Be Something’ released on Friday, June 30.

The electronic-leaning track marks as the band’s first release of 2023, signifying a notable progression in their musical journey. Co-produced together with Timothy Run and Sam Marquez, it infuses their folk/pop-rock roots with city pop elements, tropicalia beats, and twinkling production touches.

In a press release, Ben&Ben expressed their intention to capture a more mature kind of hope by incorporating slightly darker chords and tight rhythms to bring out a unique kind of catharsis for the listeners and their fans, Liwanag.

As per the band, ‘Could Be Something’ explores the frequently disregarded stage preceding a leap of faith. It openly addresses instances of overthinking and overanalyzing, presenting a relatable storyline that resonates with a wide audience.

The nine-piece act also revealed that, beyond being a love song, their new single serves as an anthem for people grappling with doubt. They expressed that the song serves as a reminder to have faith, surrender, and release during difficult moments.

During an exclusive media conference held at Apotheka Manila in Makati on Tuesday, Ben&Ben delved into the creative process behind ‘Could Be Something.’ Paolo Benjamin shared that, for this particular song, the melody was created first over the lyrics. He emphasized that they seek to create a a song by either aligning or contrasting the lyrics and melody. However, in the case of this particular song, their primary focus was on achieving a seamless cohesiveness.

Paolo also recounted a time when a stranger approached him and his twin brother, Miguel, while they were eating out in Makati. They were approached unexpectedly to express deep appreciation for their band’s music, revealing that it was the reason for the stranger to believe in love again.

“It’s rare to encounter someone who has reached the point of giving up but is then inspired to believe in love again,” Paolo added, stressing that it was where the concept of the song came.

Ben&Ben also has exciting plans to showcase a live performance of “Could Be Something” in the upcoming months as they take the stage for their nationwide tour, covering key cities across the country.

Furthermore, they will hold an international tour starting in London, followed by Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney, and Dubai, in collaboration with ABS-CBN Global and 1MX Music Festival.

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