Michael Keith releases romantic MV for ‘Drowning’ featuring KAIA’s Charlotte


Filipino American singer-songwriter Michael Keith unveiled his latest music video on June 23 for his song ‘Drowning’, featuring Charlotte, the youngest member of Filipino girl group KAIA. The visually captivating video, directed by Raymond Fabian, delivered the romantic feel of the track while highlighting the chemistry between the two artists.

In the music video, Charlotte was seen wearing a stunning red dress, portraying the role of Michael Keith’s partner. The duo mesmerized viewers with their coordinated choreography, adding a depth to the song’s message. One particularly striking scene in the music video featured the two artists immersed in a pool, further enhancing the visual storytelling.

Having returned to the music scene all grown-up, Michael Keith impresses fans with his vocals and groove on his latest single. Co-written by the artist himself with Sean Cedro, ‘Drowning’ explores the theme of an irresistible love interest who captivates the singer’s heart and mind.

As the music video for ‘Drowning’ continues to gain traction, fans have shared their excitement on social media platforms, praising Michael Keith for his artistry and expressing their admiration for the chemistry between him and Charlotte in the video.

“The MV is so good and Michael Keith’s voice is great. Charlotte is so damn pretty and stunning,” a fan wrote.

‘Drowning’ marks Charlotte’s debut outside of her group KAIA, making it her first official featured work as a solo artist.

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