9 best moments from SB19’s ‘PAGTATAG! World Tour’ kick-off concert in Manila


Photo by Irish for P-pop Wave

Last week, SB19 graced the Araneta Coliseum stage for a two-day concert, marking the start of their ‘PAGTATAG!’ world tour, to promote their latest EP of the same title.

The successful sold-out concert drew a diverse crowd consisting of A’TIN (SB19’s fandom), P-pop enthusiasts, as well as casual attendees who were eager to discover more about SB19 after their viral ‘GENTO’ dance challenge on TikTok.

Before the phenomenal group takes their tour in other local and international destinations, join us as we relive some of the best moments during SB19’s ‘PAGTATAG!’ World Tour kick-off concert in Manila.

SB19’s logo being “forged” into a gold, making a statement that their PAGTATAG era is here

To introduce the concept of ‘PAGTATAG!’, the audience was treated to an LED video depicting the process of SB19’s logo being ‘forged’ into gold. This mesmerizing visual display set the stage for the group’s electrifying opening performance of ‘GENTO’.

Breathtaking performances of ‘BAZINGA’ and ‘CRIMZONE’

Photo by JD for P-pop Wave

SB19 unleashed their electrifying energy with performances of ‘BAZINGA’ and ‘CRIMZONE.’ hyping up and making the crowd go wild. The two song showcased the group’s stage presence, leaving a lasting impact to the audience

Live Band Performances with Nu.G and solid dance routines with SKOUTS

SB19 delivered performances of their setlist accompanied by Nu.G as their live band, while also impressing the audience with solid dance routines alongside the members of SKOUTS dance crew.

In the midst of the show, SB19 dedicated a special moment to introduce and recognize these talented creatives and artists who shared the stage with them.

A sensual choreography for ‘I Want You’

The audience was left astounded when SB19 performed a sizzling rendition of ‘I WANT YOU.’ Stell revealed that they had requested their choreographer, Jay Joseph Roncesvalles, to create a different dance routine specifically for their recent appearance on Sunday noontime show “ASAP Natin ‘To” for them to be able to unveil the more sensual choreography exclusively during their concert, leaving the crowd in awe.

Satisfying fan service during the pre-show soundcheck session

Photo by Irish for P-pop Wave

Before the main show, SB19 allocated a time for a pre-show soundcheck session with the fans who purchased VIP tickets. During this intimate interaction, the group performed renditions of ‘GENTO,’ ‘LIHAM,’ and ‘SLMT,’ creating an unforgettable experience for both the fans and the members of SB19.

A medley of ‘Tilaluha’ and ‘Hanggang sa Huli’

Photo by JD for P-pop Wave

While SB19 is known for their synchronized choreography, it’s no secret that the group also excels in delivering heartfelt ballads. During one of their stages, they showcased a medley performance of ‘Tilaluha’ and ‘Hanggang sa Huli,’ captivating the audience with their soulful renditions and emotional delivery of the songs.

The carousel moment at ‘FREEDOM’

SB19 has recently made it public that they are now self-managed under their newly established company, 1Z Entertainment. Their latest release, the song ‘FREEDOM,’ holds great significance for their fans as it represents the group’s newfound creative freedom and autonomy.

Towards the end of their performance of the song, a poignant moment unfolded as an LED display showcased a carousel, with SB19 pointing towards it. This gesture stirred deep emotions among the fans. To provide context, there is a story that circulated in the past in which, during a time when the group was on the verge of giving up, their former staff took them to a theme park to help them find clarity.

SB19 members getting emotional during ‘ILAW’ and ‘LIHAM’

Before their performance of ‘ILAW,’ Justin delivered a heartfelt monologue emphasizing the importance of rest in life. The words resonated deeply with the audience setting high emotions inside the Big Dome. Particularly during Josh’s verse, his teary-eyed expression and shaky voice reflected the intensity of the emotions he was experiencing, creating a deeply moving and heartfelt moment for both SB19 and their fans.

Following the previous performance, SB19 proceeded with ‘LIHAM’ where an interpretative dance accompanied them halfway through the song. Towards the end, Stell found it difficult to contain his emotions. Overwhelmed by the moment, he was seen wiping his tears and turning away from the audience just before the lights dimmed.

‘Nyebe’ sing-along with fans and A’TIN’s blue ocean wave using ‘ELESBI’

SB19 seized the opportunity to share a special moment with the incredible crowd. One of the highlights occurred during their performance of ‘Nyebe,’ where the group invited their fans to hum along with them, creating a vibrant atmosphere inside the Big Dome.

They also did not miss the chance to engage their fans, A’TIN, in a mesmerizing ocean wave. Encouraging the use of the SB19-approved ‘ELESBI’ lightstick, they prompted their dedicated fans to participate in a synchronized wave, creating a breathtaking visual spectacle within the venue.

There surely has a lot of unforgettable moments during their ‘PAGTATAG!’ kick-off concert, but if there’s one thing that can be confidently stated, it’s that SB19 never fails to give an impressive and world class live performance, whether be it on TV guesting, event, or concert.

What about you, A’TIN? What do you consider as your favorite moment during SB19’s ‘PAGTATAG!’ World Tour in Manila?

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