Rising P-pop girl group YGIG slays in MV for new single ‘TOUCHDOWN’


Image: SBTown / YouTube

Rising Filipino girl group YGIG has once again showcased their potential with the release of their music video for the new single, ‘TOUCHDOWN.’ The highly anticipated video, which dropped on Friday, June 30, has captivated fans with its infectious energy and captivating visuals.

‘TOUCHDOWN’ serves as a dynamic follow-up to YGIG’s previous track, ‘DOOB DOOB.’ The song itself revolves around the theme of having the courage to pursue a romantic interest.

The music video for ‘TOUCHDOWN’ features YGIG in a bold and confident image. The members showcase their impeccable dance skills through sleek choreography. With their charisma and undeniable talent, YGIG proves once again why they are one of the rising stars in the P-pop industry.

Excitement continues to build as YGIG has previously announced the release of two additional songs, ‘BB’ and ‘IDKY,’ in the coming weeks, leading up to their highly anticipated debut album.

Watch YGIG’s ‘TOUCHDOWN’ music video here:

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