VXON sizzles in MV for latest single ‘Pretty Please’


Image: VXON Official / YouTube

VXON, has unveiled the highly anticipated music video for their sizzling track, ‘Pretty Please.’ The captivating visual was released on Friday, June 30, and has already garnered significant attention from their fans.

Filmed in Malaysia, the music video produced in partnership with AOR GLOBAL, opens in a vibrant bar setting, where the members of VXON can be seen enjoying a drink together. However, the atmosphere takes a surprising turn when an ex-lover makes an unexpected appearance. As the video progresses, viewers are treated to a dramatic revelation that the girl has moved on and found a new love interest.

The music video for ‘Pretty Please’ also showcases VXON’s exceptional dancing skills, with the group flawlessly executing the choreography created by Angelica Arda of dance crew A-Team. The synchronized movements add an extra layer of visual appeal and excitement to the already captivating track.

‘Pretty Please,’ released and distributed by Republic Records Philippines, boasts a talented songwriting team. The lyrics were written by Howard Chan and Julien Leo, with VXON members Franz and C13 contributed to the composition. The song delves into the theme of second chances and explores the complexities of holding onto a relationship, even when the other person may no longer reciprocate the same love and energy.

Fans of VXON, the Vixies, have eagerly awaited the release of the ‘Pretty Please’ music video, and their enthusiasm has been rewarded with a visually stunning and emotionally charged production.

“I really love to see VXON improve as a group and I am impressed with their courage to try different concepts,” a fan wrote on social media following the release of the music video.

In other news, VXON will be joining the star-studded ‘ALL STAR CONCERT’ organized by Cornerstone Entertainment in the United States this month, featuring Piolo Pascual, Catriona Gray, Sam Milby, Erik Santos, Yeng Constantino, KZ Tandingan, Kyla, Inigo Pascual, Jason Dy, and Zephanie.

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