“The fight isn’t over yet”: 6ENSE members detail alleged mismanagement, exploitation experience from BC Entertainment


In a shocking revelation, P-pop group 6ENSE has come forward with allegations of mismanagement and exploitation by their former agency, BC Entertainment, and its president, Karen Ortua. In an official statement released by the group, they detailed a series of disturbing incidents that compelled them to break ties with the agency.

According to 6ENSE, their decision to leave BC Entertainment in April 2023 was prompted by what they describe as the agency’s neglect of contractual responsibilities, intimidation tactics, exploitation, and overall mismanagement. Disturbingly, even after parting ways, the group claims to have faced continued harassment from their former agency.

The statement further reveals that Ofelia Ramos, Ortua’s secretary, allegedly visited the group’s dorm unannounced and forced them into signing a new contract with a five-year duration. The members claim they were threatened with the delay of their scheduled music video release if they refused to comply. Feeling pressured and fearing disappointment among their devoted fans, the members reluctantly signed the contract. To this day, despite multiple meetings and discussions, BC Entertainment has allegedly refused to provide the group with an original copy of the contract.

Additionally, the group accuses the agency of accepting a schedule in March without prior consultation or agreement with them, which constitutes a possible breach of their contractual terms. One of the members, who was a minor at the time, reportedly experienced a worsening of their health condition. Shockingly, Ortua allegedly refused to allow the member access to decent medical care.

As a result of these alleged lapses by their agency, the members of 6ENSE made the decision to sever ties with BC Entertainment. However, while the group spent the holy week with their families, Ortua purportedly invaded their dorm and accessed their personal laptop without consent. The group claims that Ortua used the private information found on the laptop to continually harass and intimidate them, causing immense distress and mental strain. The statement firmly asserts that their private information was exploited to manipulate and frighten the members.

6ENSE further disclosed that BC Entertainment has refused to release them from their contracts and has actively hindered potential opportunities for the group by blocking interested clients. The members, some of whom are still teenagers or in their early twenties, explained that they felt powerless to fight back due to limited resources and the ongoing intimidation they faced.

In light of the serious allegations made by 6ENSE against their former label, the members are calling for support, respect, and protection for local artists like themselves. They hope to bring attention to the issues faced by artists within the industry and encourage positive change.

BC Entertainment has yet to respond to the concerns raised by 6ENSE, while the P-pop Wave platform remains open for the agency to present their side of the story.

Read 6ENSE’s official statement here:

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