AQ Prime Music launches P-Pop idol group BILIB with debut single ‘KABANATA’


In a bold move to expand its horizons, streaming company AQ Prime has ventured into the music industry and proudly introduced its first-ever P-pop idol group, BILIB. Making their debut on July 7, BILIB has been launched with their captivating single, ‘KABANATA.’ Comprising seven talented members—Yukito, Zio, JMAC, RC, Clyde, Carlo, and Rafael — BILIB’s mission is to inspire and motivate people, particularly the youth, to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential through the power of music. Guided by the vision of Atty. Aldwin Alegre and Atty. Mary Melanie “Honey Quiño, along with Frontrow’s RS Francisco, BILIB, derived from “Becoming, Limitless, Beyond,” stands ready to create a substantial influence in the realm of P-pop.

During an exclusive media launch held at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City on July 10, the leader of BILIB, Yukito, shared some fascinating insights about the group’s journey. Each member of BILIB went through an audition process and dedicated nearly two years to train under AQ Prime Music. The result of their hard work and perseverance culminated in the breathtaking performance of their debut single ‘KABANATA,’ leaving the press and fans in awe of their talents and dedication.

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‘KABANATA,’ penned and produced by the skilled JC Sales, carries a powerful message of encouragement and empowerment. At its core, the song aims to instill a sense of self-belief and confidence in one’s abilities. It serves as a reminder that life’s challenges are mere chapters in the grand journey, and with unwavering determination and faith in oneself, individuals can win over any obstacle and achieve remarkable feats.

Their debut was not only marked by their inspiring single ‘KABANATA,’ but it also showcased a visually stunning music video directed by the talented Raymond Fabian, known for his exceptional work with other P-pop groups, which perfectly complemented and added an extra layer of depth to the catchy song.

The excitement surrounding BILIB’s debut reached new heights with the unveiling of a billboard along EDSA Guadalupe. This strategic move added to the anticipation and buzz surrounding the group, further solidifying BILIB’s place as a rising force in the P-pop landscape.

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In an exclusive interview with BILIB during their first public appearance at PPOPCON MANILA 2023, held on July 15 at the Quantum Skyview in Gateway Mall 2, Quezon City, Yukito disclosed the emotional impact the billboard had on some of the members. Witnessing their larger-than-life presence on the iconic EDSA Guadalupe billboard was a surreal and awe-inspiring moment for the group, reaffirming their commitment to making a lasting impression in the hearts of their fans.

BILIB’s debut has marked the beginning of an exciting journey that holds immense promise. With their heartfelt and empowering music, guided by the expertise of AQ Prime Music and visionary leaders, BILIB is all set to carve a distinct and cherished place in the hearts of P-pop enthusiasts and beyond. As they continue to pen new chapters in their musical odyssey, the future looks exceptionally bright for BILIB, and fans eagerly await the next inspiring verse in their musical ‘KABANATA.’

Get to know the members of BILIB below:

YUKITO – Leader

Re-debuting member and former leader of another P-pop group, Yukito is set to reinvent himself through another point of view as a member of BILIB. Naturally good with words and with a charming personality, Yukito is on his way to lead the group towards their goals.

ZIO – Rapper

He alread made his footprints on the P-pop scene with his talent in rap and dance. With nothing to hold him back, Zio is ready to continue his dream as part of BILIB.

JMAC – Lead Dancer

With years of experience in performing, he’s finally ready for his breakthrough. JMAC is set to shine as the group’s lead dancer. He is ready to move past his old self and succeed in achieving his dream.

RC – Visual

By the looks of it, RC is definitely the next apple of the eye in P-pop. But RC is more than just his visuals. With a knack in singing and dancing, watch out for him as he is ready to solidify his mark in the scene.

CLYDE – Main Dancer

With his bubbly personality, Clyde will surely light up the room wherever he goes. A visual in his own right, he is ready to wow the crowd with his boy-next-door looks and his dancing skills.

CARLO – Lead Singer

Enigmatic and reserved, Carlo is more than just your typical mysterious guy. He will leave you in awe with what he can bring to the table – his impressive singing and dancing abilities.

RAFAEL – Main Vocals

All the way from Bohol, he crossed borders to fulfill his dreams. An amazing singer and performer, BILIB’s main vocalist is also on his way to be one of the fines producers P-pop has to offer.

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