ALAMAT takes the concert stage with fans at PPOPCON Manila 2023, unveils title of forthcoming album


P-pop sensation ALAMAT took the stage by storm at PPOPCON Manila 2023, captivating the audience with impressive performances and a surprise announcement. Returning as one of the concert headliners for the second year in a row, ALAMAT delivered an unforgettable show at the Araneta Coliseum on July 16.

One of the main highlights of the event was the HATAW stage, where lucky P-pop fans and devoted Magiliws (fans of ALAMAT) had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform ‘Maharani’ with the members of the group. The fans were selected from the HATAW dance challenge, a contest that was initiated prior to the concert. Chloe, one of the fans who joined the performance, expressed her overwhelming gratitude after the show, cherishing the unforgettable moment she shared with ALAMAT and fellow Magiliws. “Beyond grateful to be part of the ‘Maharani’ Hataw performance with ALAMAT and Magiliws at the Big Dome,” she wrote.

The group, known for their high-energy performances and mesmerizing stage presence, showcased hit songs and tracks from their recent album. Their set kicked off with their track ‘Gayuma,’ setting the crowd’s excitement. Each member of ALAMAT had a solo moment to shine after, with R-ji demonstrating his exceptional skills on the electric guitar, Tomas with his flute prowess, and Jao and Taneo stunning everyone with their impressive dance moves. Mo & Alas added a touch of rap flair, rounding out the individual showcases.

A wonderful medley followed, featuring a blend of ‘ILY ILY,’ ‘Aswang,’ ‘Say U Love Me,’ and ‘Hala.’ The group’s creative director, Jason Paul Laxamana, took to Twitter to explain the decision behind the medley, stating that they couldn’t choose just a few songs to perform because all the tracks from ALAMAT’s ‘Pasulong’ EP were “too good to not perform.”

In addition, ALAMAT made a special announcement in the middle of their set. With the P-pop crowd listening, the group revealed that the title of their upcoming album would be ‘IsaPuso. According to Laxamana, the decision to announce the album’s title during PPOPCON was a strategic move to generate excitement and hint about the upcoming album through their performances.

ALAMAT closed their captivating set with their latest release, ‘Day And Night,’ leaving the audience in awe. As the ALAMAT’s stage came to a close, the buzz among fans grew with the promise of ‘IsaPuso’ and the anticipation of what ALAMAT has in store for their upcoming album.

Check out highlights from ALAMAT’s PPOPCON Manila 2023 stage here:

@ppopwave #PPOPCONMANILA2023 Concert Spotlight: #ALAMAT With great pride in their heritage, @ALAMAT showcases their latest single ‘Day and Night’ at PPOPCON, alongside tracks from their EP ‘Pasulong’ like ‘Maharani’ and ‘Gayuma’. #ppop #ppoprise #ppopwave #ppopcon #ppopconvention @PPOPCON MANILA 2023 ♬ Maharani – Alamat

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