All-Filipino group HORI7ON makes electrifying debut in Korea with first full-length album ‘Friend-SHIP’


Image: MLD Entertainment / YouTube

All-Filipino group HORI7ON officially made their debut with their highly anticipated first full-length album titled ‘Friend-SHIP,’ released worldwide on Monday, July 24.

To mark their debut, HORI7ON dropped a visually stunning music video for the title track ‘SIX7EEN,’ a powerful anthem that encapsulates bold aspirations and fearlessness. With lyrics like “Let’s go without fear” and “I want to run without hesitation,” the song embodies the group’s determination to break boundaries and soar to new heights. In less than 24 hours since its release, the music video had already garnered an impressive two million views, a testament to the group’s growing popularity.

In line with their debut, HORI7ON held an exclusive showcase at the Olympic Hall, located within the Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea. During the event, the members expressed their emotions about embarking on this exciting journey and shared their thoughts on their future endeavors.

Image: @HORI7ONofficial / Twitter

Vinci, one of the group’s members, was overwhelmed with gratitude, stating, “It really doesn’t feel real. I’m grateful to make an official debut.” He added, “We’ll show the infinite potential of our team to the world,” hinting at the group’s ambition and determination to make their mark.

Kim, another member of HORI7ON, expressed his eagerness to learn and grow by watching performances of senior K-pop artists. “I think I can learn a lot by watching K-pop seniors’ performances in person,” he said.

HORI7ON was formed in February through the reality program ‘Dream Maker,’ a collaboration between ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment. After rigorous training and competition, the final lineup was announced, consisting of seven talented members: Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus.

Their first full-length album ‘Friend-SHIP’ boasts a total of 21 tracks, each carefully crafted to reflect the dreams and aspirations of HORI7ON as they embark on their first expedition. Following their debut, HORI7ON has planned a series promotions on various music shows and programs in South Korea.

Source: EDAILY KOREA with additional report by P-pop Wave

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