1ST.ONE’s Joker bonds with his niece Denise for fun-filled, entertaining videos on Okids Play


Image: Okids Play / YouTube

Joker, a member of the popular P-pop idol group 1ST.ONE, recently delighted fans and young audiences alike as he made special appearances on the Okids Play YouTube channel alongside his adorable niece, baby Denise for the Okids Play Day.

In the heartwarming series of videos, Joker, affectionately called ‘uncle Jokjok’ by his niece, shared delightful moments with Denise that quickly won the hearts of viewers. The first video, which premiered on June 20, showcased a surprise treat as Joker presented baby Denise with delicious food from the renowned Filipino fast-food chain, Jollibee. The two embarked on a ‘mukbang‘ adventure, a popular trend where individuals share videos of themselves enjoying a large amount of food while interacting with their audience. Their mukbang feast included Jollibee’s iconic dishes like chicken joy, spaghetti, and burgers.

In subsequent episodes, Joker and baby Denise explored new colors and shapes while engaging in drawing activities featuring Pompii, an animated fish character from the Okids Play channel. The creative duo continued to entertain their audience with another mukbang session, this time trying out Pororo-themed snacks and cup noodles in one of the videos.

The latest addition to their fun-filled adventures was an unboxing and playtime session with kitchen toys. With toy fruits and vegetables, Joker and Denise showcased their culinary imagination as they pretended to cook and prepare their favorite meals, sparking the imagination of their young viewers.

Okids Play is a dedicated platform created especially for kids, offering a variety of entertaining and educational content. It serves as a hub for animated music videos, captivating stories, and educational lessons catered to children. The channel features the voices of various artists from FirstOne Entertainment, including 1ST.ONE and DIONE. In the past, Okids Play delighted its audience with animated music videos featuring classic children’s songs, further enhancing the entertainment value for kids.

Recently, Joker and his fellow 1ST.ONE members took the stage as headliners at the PPOPCON Manila 2023 concert held at the Araneta Coliseum. Simultaneously, they delighted their fans by dropping a heartfelt ballad single titled ‘Oras.’

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