Nate takes indefinite leave from BGYO while Gelo recovers from recent PPOPCON incident


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In a social media post on July 22, Star Magic disclosed that Nate Porcalla from the Filipino group BGYO has taken an indefinite leave from his team to “attend to a family matter.” The announcement comes after the cheating allegations linked to his rumored relationship with fellow artist AC Bonifacio.

The controversy surfaced when PBB alum and actress Criza Taa took to Twitter to clear her name from any involvement in Nate and AC’s relationship. In her series of posts, she denied ever dating or going out with Nate and affirmed that they were not even close friends.

AC quoted Criza’s statement, supporting her side of the story and claiming that the version Nate told her was different.

The situation escalated when two other girls, with the names “Choc” and “Reich,” revealed their alleged experiences with Nate. Choc stated that Nate manipulated her into thinking that he had no one at the time he was messaging her. “I was clearly not interested in him but yes, Nate was constantly messaging me while also fixing things with AC,” she wrote. She quickly took the opportunity to speak with AC when the latter allegedly “caught him,” to provide any necessary information to clarify her position.

On the other hand, Reich shared her encounter with Nate during the Star Magic prom, where she claimed that Nate “kept flirting and was being touchy” with her during their dance rehearsals, while he was in a presumed relationship with AC.

As of press time, Nate and his management have not officially publicly addressed the allegations or the statements from those involved. Some concerned fans have taken to social media, urging the management to address the issue appropriately. One fan wrote, “Please give us assurance that you are doing something with regards to the allegations.”

Meanwhile, amidst the controversy surrounding Nate, BGYO member Gelo Rivera is recovering from an unfortunate incident at the PPOPCON Manila 2023 on July 16, when a confetti cannon accidentally blasted into his face. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where his attending physician advised him to take prescribed medicines and have some rest to recover.

In the midst of these events, BGYO’s devoted fanbase, known as Aces, has initiated an online campaign to express their unwavering support for the group. The Aces have united in solidarity by sharing an image featuring a raised fist in yellow and red colors, with the text “Aces” and BGYO’s logo at the top. The accompanying caption reads, “ACEs will always stand as ONE with BGYO.”

Other BGYO members, Akira, JL, and Mikki, recently made a public appearance at the Star Magic 30 Catalogue Mallshow at the Activity Center of Market! Market! In Taguig City. The trio demonstrated professionalism and dedication to their fans during the event. This was their latest engagement since the PPOPCON Manila 2023 concert on July 16, where they appeared as one of the headliners along with P-pop groups such as SB19, BINI, and ALAMAT.

Read Star Magic’s advisory regarding Nate’s indefinite leave from BGYO and Gelo’s recovery from the recent PPOPCON incident:

Source: @bgyo_ph / Twitter

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