Yes My Love Live Lounge: An Upgrade from their Pajama Party, Welcoming a Bigger Crowd


Photo by Irish for P-pop Wave

After the success of the Pajama Party last May, the rookie 6-member group Yes My Love had another night full of music at the Episode Bar + Kitchen attended by their friends, family, and 143 (Yes My Love’s official fandom).

The night started with Cornerstone’s future boy group, AJAA, covering songs from their seniors VXON, G22, while Patrick Quiroz serenaded the crowd, and then, main star of the night, Yes My Love. With the heavy downpour outside, members Niko, Joshua, Jeff, Brian, Eli, and RZ, warmed up the place singing their debut single ‘Rhythm’ coming down from the bar’s mezzanine, surprising the fans. Followed by a cover of Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Where is the Love?’, the party jumpstarted as the guys went around tables.

After a short introduction, the “Vocal Heartstoppers” continued on with a live performance of their 2nd episode of YML Lounge – This I Promise You – swooning each individual in the place. We might have seen one or two bar staff swinging their body along.

Photo by Irish

Solo performances started with the youngest member RZ with his rendition of ‘Attention’ by Charlie Puth which showed the man’s maturity. Sitting in a dim space with a single spotlight, lead vocalist Jeff comforted the hearts of many by singing the timeless hit ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay. In sharp contrast, Eli upped the degrees with his sensual dance performance of the songs ‘Take You Down’, ‘Wet the Bed’, ALAMAT‘s ‘Say U Love Me’, and the latest song from SB19‘s ‘I Want You’.

Solos were paused to give way for another group stage. Performing a heart-wrenching rendition of the song, YML revealed that SB19’s Tilaluha was their final evaluation piece before debuting as a group. Their freshly released single ‘Yayakapin’ then followed – a sweet song depicting how a warm hug and sleep is a nice way into finishing an argument.

Brian showed a performance of the latest hit single ‘Seven’, even inviting a lucky 143 in front to sing the song to. Josh sang his favourite masterpiece ‘Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka’ exhibiting his vocal prowess as it is normally a duet song. Last and definitely not least, the leader and also a main dancer Niko flaunted his dancing skills by performing multiple genres – from voguing, samba, to modern.

Assembling back as a group, the sextet isn’t done with surprises as they sang FIFTY FIFTY’s ‘Cupid’ and the fan-favorite ‘Give Me Your Forever’ from their YML Lounge’s 1st episode. They individually gave out a rose and a cute keychain plushie to 6 lucky audience emitting huge cheers from other onlookers.

Photo by Irish

As the show nears its end, YML didn’t forget their pre-debut single ‘Gusto Ko Nang Bumitaw’ hugging everyone with their sweet harmonies and vocals. Before ending, members excitedly announced that the following unreleased song  ‘Light It Up’ will be the group’s 1st global single – declaring their goal of sharing their music outside the Philippine market.

The night ended with a meet-and-greet session giving time for the attendees and the members to have a closer interaction together.

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