VXON sheds its powerful exterior with a vulnerable ballad, ‘Lisan’


VXON had cemented themselves as one of the frontmen in the emerging P-POP scene, serving hits such as “The Beast” and “P.S” that have been received well by many. As such, the group had been known for their rather hip-hop sound and style, being adored for their style and their vocal prowess.

It comes to a surprise that the recent release of the group, last August 4, “Lisan” deviates from the sound that defined them since their debut. While they are known for their energetic vocals and active performances, Lisan undertakes a slower approach in expounding upon the aftermath of a failed relationship. Contrary to the group’s preceding songs, Lisan sounds more of a ballad rather than the hip-hop or trap sounds that the group debuted with.

The song pertains to the perspective of a person who feels used by the other after a failed relationship, reverberating through the different emotional stages of heartbreak as the song progresses. The person, at first, feels lost and empty, blaming themself for the destruction of the relationship. However, the person shifts the blame to the other person, accusing them of leading them on intentionally. Despite their conflict  with who to blame for the unappealing demise of the relationship, the person cannot dispute the fact that they still miss the other person and that he feels empty without them.

The song accurately displays the emotional turmoil that succeeds a failed relationship. For most of us, its either we blame ourselves or we blame the other, conjuring a plethora of reasons to shift the blame unrighteously to the other or wallowing in self-pity by acknowledging the fact that we were the problem. However, whoever we blame in the situation, we still feel lonely and empty in the end, lamenting our losses and unhealthily craving for the companionship of a person that we had grown accustomed to.

Lisan is indeed a beautiful track from VXON, a perfect escape into the soft and gentle vocals and instrumentals that provides a sanctuary for those who feel the same way. Although a new sound for the hotshot P-POP group, the song only furthers VXON’s prowess in not only making people swoon, but also in making them cry.

Go stream Vxon’s new single “Lisan” now on streaming platforms!

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