Missing You by PLUUS: A Love Ballad about Lost Love


PLUUS is already an expert when it comes to ballads about love and devotion. Past songs such as “Cross My Heart” and “My Time” has cemented the group’s niche; their ability to create songs which definitely appeals to many for their romantic and obviously exciting lyrics and beat.

However, the most recent release by PLUUS seems to defy what they have built as their primary reputation. Although particularly known for the positives of a romantic relationship, especially in expressing feelings, pursuit, and in inducing romantic excitement, the group’s “Missing You” seems to pertain to the aftermath of everything the group has lived for.

The song, much like its title, refers to a person who misses an old flame, so much so that the person romanticizes everything in their memory. Beyond the flowery surface of devoted imagery and their obvious interest, it revolves around the person losing them. The song displays that the person had lost their loved one suddenly which would eventually lead to the non-acceptance. Throughout the course of the song, it is evident that the person hasn’t moved on, forever intertwined with the thought of their beloved all while missing them so much that they “cannot express it in words”

Missing You follows the common tropes of missing a past love, circling around the different symptoms of being stuck in a cruel loop of heartache. The song is quite simple and catchy, a tune that masks its painful appeals for affection with lively beats and vocals. The duality is both ironic and simply smart. For some of us, we just love to express how much we miss someone. But for some also, we’d rather mask up and act nonchalantly as a form of safeguarding ourselves from harm.

PLUUS is truly a phenomenal group, especially when it comes to consistency towards their acclimated sound. Go show them some love and stream their new song “Missing You!”

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