ALAMAT continues to maintain their mythical stardom in the P-pop scene with a new heartbreak anthem, ‘Walang Hanggan’


ALAMAT announced their comeback single “Day and Night,” released on June 14th. The group surprised fans by announcing last month that their next pre-release single would be “Walang Hanggan,” which is part of their soon-to-be-released mini album, “IsaPuso.”

The group subsequently released the single on August 11, accompanied by a music video depicting each member in dramatic scenarios. The song primarily revolves around a man’s plea to his beloved to fulfill their promise of staying together forever. “Walang Hanggan” truly encapsulates its title, highlighting an unwavering longing to sustain love indefinitely for someone, even when the other person’s affection has faded. The song employs the familiar bargaining tactics many of us experience when trying to persuade someone to stay, involving pleas and attempts at correction, ultimately in vain.

The music video greatly enhances the song’s promotion, engaging anecdotal and dramatic emphasis to amplify the song’s message and enhance its emotional delivery. They filmed the music video in Angeles City, Pampanga, primarily in the heritage district. During the shoot, some members were so absorbed in conveying the song’s message that they accidentally injured themselves without even realizing it. Swift first aid was administered to the boys immediately, Jason Paul Laxamana, the group’s creative director revealed in a series of social media posts.

Throughout the duration of the music video, the members portrayed various scenarios, each revolving around a particular individual. Despite their collective efforts, all their endeavors were futile, as they all grappled with the same form of grief.

Fans praised the group not only for the emotional song, but also for the music video. One fan commended the group for portraying heartbreak in six unique but relatable scenarios while another fan praised the members for their acting skills. Another fan directed their praise towards the simple but very moving lyrics of the song, citing that the lyrics are heartfelt and melancholic.

A fan review from X (formerly Twitter) expressed, “This is what I love about ALAMAT MVs – from ‘Kasmala,’ ‘ABKD,’ ‘ILY ILY,’ and now ‘Walang Hanggan’ – more than [just being typical music videos], they also utilize their platform to tackle issues and send off messages to their audience through their MVs.”

Another fan wrote, “Did anyone notice how all the members are wearing something ‘red’ or close to red? And then there’s Mo with just yellow? Maybe it symbolizes the red wax candle and its flame? Medyo inooverthink ko na ata (I may be overthinking),”

Walang Hanggan is yet another masterpiece from ALAMAT and it just keeps getting better and more relatable with each listen. Stream the song on streaming platforms and show the group your support!

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